Sunday, 28 June 2009


Disaster struck this week as I attempted to shave my head using some clippers - 8 months without a visit to the barbers appears to encourage birds to nest. Unfortunately my idiots guide to electricity was unavailable and so I burnt out the motor on the clippers halfway through. Finding a maggot in your food and equipment failure mid hair cut - both better not started than half finished. I would like to thank all the people who waited until my hair was cut before they told me that they liked it the way it was before. Thanks for nothing.

I managed to get in 33 miles of running this week and the knee problem seems to have cleared up. Don't get me wrong they still hurt like buggery, but only in the usual way. Assuming no further accidents it looks like all systems are go for the British Veterans National Track Championships next weekend.

Since my last post I've fallen off the waggon repeatedly and, as is typical, had a really good time each and every time. Can something that is so good be so bad, I wonder. When it comes to serious training it's definitely true so I will be reverting to my monk-like behaviour from now on. Apart from the night out on the 10th of July perhaps....


  1. Would you believe I managed a whole half of a beer the other day? A record for me! Still don't like the taste though.

    So, the injuries are all healed?

    Too bad you aren't in VA and playing districts...the 3.5s and 4.5s are the same weekend. Would have been fun!!! As it is, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get my butt whipped down there, but oddly enough, I'm looking forward to just getting out of town as much as I am the tennis.

    And what, may I ask, is occurring on the evening of July 10? :)

  2. That's not much of a record! Unless you mixed it with Sangria!

    Everything hurts, but it doesn't matter now. I'll just pop a few pills.

    Districts would have been good - good luck!

    July 10th is supposed to be a night out with the tennis team celebrating our promotion. Resist Andrew, resist.


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