Monday, 6 July 2009

British Masters Nationals - 800m

After saturday's fiasco I will admit to some reticence approaching sunday's 800m. Very little of my training has been aimed at the middle distances yet, but any that I have done would be more useful in the longer 1500m. That combined with a pedigree that boasts of just 4 800m's, none of which I'd run in lanes and the last one being in 2001 meant I was hardly approaching the race brimming with confidence.

On the bright side there were only 5 runners so I could always claim a 5th place and as it's only 2 laps any humiliation would be very temporary, albeit quite visible. But secretly I knew that where my running is concerned the shorter the better and that miracles do happen. Hell, even Gordon Brown apologised the other week - sort of.

I had drawn the inside lane which was helpful for me as I could keep all the other runners in front of me for the first bend ran in lanes - similar to yesterday of course, but this time it was at the start of the race and not the end! Most races I run in are categorised by runners going off much too fast and then spending most of the remainder suffering a vicious and lingering demise as I pick them off and kick sand in their face. Maybe it's the wisdom of age but I was shocked to go through 400m in slower than 61 seconds - particularly considering there were 2 sub-1:56 runners in the field.

I injected some pace 300m out taking up the lead, accelerated 200m out and then kicked for the last 100m. Unfortunately slowly, inevitably a couple of the runners reeled me in as my lack of anaerobic training told. The winner crossed the line in 1:59.92, the second in 2:00.27 with me in third in 2:00.70. I'm pretty pleased with that time as it was a negative split and I feel as though I have plenty of training to come that will solicit considerable improvement on that before season's end.

On the way home the Wimbledon final was on the radio and I was disappointed to see that the cry baby Federer won. The other day I heard him described as 'the gayest straight man in the world' and I couldn't agree more.


  1. Have you thought about the 3000m steeple chase? It might be right up your street.
    I don't think it's ever a particularly strongly contested event and as such, there's every chance you'd do very well.

  2. I always thought the steeple chase looked like tons of fun! If I tried it, though, I'm sure I'd end up face down in one of the 'ponds'!

    Moz, good rebound from the first race. I think reading your blog is making me miss running...I've managed to secure a bib for the Army 10 miler in October!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately my abysmal flexibility, lack of strength and the fact it is a bit further than ideal probably means the SC is out of the question. Plus it would feel a bit weird being the only entrant!!!

    Topaz - good luck in the Army 10 miler. I ran it a few years ago and had an absolute nightmare. I'm sure your experience will be different though!


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