Saturday, 18 July 2009

Heavy Breathing

I popped to the hospital last week as I have problems breathing in hot weather and generally suffer from chest tightness. The results of the tests are that I have small airway constriction which is symptomatic of asthma, so I've been issued with a couple of inhalers. My suspicion that there might be a beer can stuck down there was disproved by the xrays. Incidentally the nurse was as impressed by my 11.11 litre lung capacity as I was by her set of lungs - although I didn't get the chance to give them the full test ride and examination.

This does mean that if I enter any major events I will have to get a therapuetic usage exemption for the inhaler because of the admittedly extremely slim chance that the professional piss-testers take an interest. A high profile drug bust a la Ben Johnson is one thing, but it would be pretty embarassing being caught if you were actually quite shit at a sport. You can imagine the headlines: "Drug cheat fails at cheating, returns £1.50 in prize money & race t-shirt".

After a couple of miserable training sessions I was back on form this week, putting in a good Vo2 max sessions of 800's and a quality repetition session of 400's. This is my time of year, short and intense rather than long and drawn out. I have 3 weeks left of VO2 max work and then it's time for the peak period of racing and glory!

Unfortunately I crowned a decent week of training but getting loaded on friday night, an episode which I am still paying for nearly 24 hours later. This is a little disappointing given I abstained for 6 months. If I can just prevent the flood gates from opening for the next month and a half....


  1. Is that right, 11.1 litres? I read that Miguel Indurain, the 5 times tour winner had 8 litres which was considered large.

    Have you considered a switch to cycling?

    Like the blog, v. amusing/interesting exercise. Keep it up.

  2. I've had it checked twice and it was 11.1 the first time and 10.9 the second. Unfortunately it's not much of an indicator of performance, unlike Vo2 max. I believe Indurain had an extremely high Vo2 max.

    I quite like cycling but only as cross training - it just takes too long for effective training and is miserable in shitty weather.


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