Monday, 17 August 2009

Attack Of The Doms

Surprisingly I felt great the day after my last races, at least for the first part of it. As the day progressed I started to experience some discomfort in my upper quads and by the end of the day it until it felt that someone had shaved them with a sickle. Sure enough, as expected, it was my old friend DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). A particularly unpleasant case on this occasion which left me walking like a penguin for about 3 days - thank God I opted out of the 100m.

Hopefully all the pain will be worthwhile in the next scheduled race day, on sunday over 800m and 400m. I should be nicely set-up for them with last week's racing and a decent workout on sunday (a 5 * 800 @ 3k race pace with a 2:00 jog recovery) and an 800m lactic acid tolerance workout this coming wednesday. After that it's racing and strides until the end of the season in early September. This is the best time of the year; low volume, high intensity!


  1. Just been watching the mens 400m at the Worlds and disgusted at the pathetic attempts made by two of them.

    How can we send athletes to these things that get it so wrong?

    Maybe they should spend time with the UK cycling team to learn how to mentally prepare for a major championship - even afterwards when they're interviewed they don't really seem too bothered!

    I'm sure the cunning runt would've made more of a go of it than these muppets!

  2. I didn't see the interviews but can guess what was said! Interesting to contrast that with Bingham who seemed disgusted with himself in the final. I wonder if his American connections have something to do with his winning attitude.

    I think the new guy in charge at UK athletics will force the necessary changes through, it won't happen overnight though.

    It's time we stopped having athletes who were grateful to be there rather than trying to PB or win.

    Would have loved to have been there myself but I would have been nearly 8 seconds behind!!!


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