Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Knife For The Gun Fight...

On reflection my 5k-focused season turned on a knee injury and then about 4 poorly timed hangovers. At the time I was starting to nail the tempo runs, was running regular 14 milers and could feel the stamina rising like water in a blocked toilet. Due to my contracted season it was soon time to move on to faster track stuff and in hindsight I definitely should have prolonged the stamina training. I now have the stamina of a 16 year old with a new copy of Razzle.

Perhaps it's not a bad thing as my heart really lies in the shorter distances and as August is racing season it's time to get cracking on some of my season targets - all of which remain untouched by any of my puny efforts to date. The stamina deficiencies will have to wait for next season or, more probably, another lifetime. (A spiritualist once told me I would be reborn as a camel - the animal, not the cigarette).

Between tomorrow and the 9th September I have sketched out about 14 races. They are principally focused around 400 - 1500m but I will venture outside this range and plan to have one last crack at the 5k PB. With so little time and so many races it looks as the opportunities to complete hard workouts are limited - therefore some creative thinking is required.

To hit decent times in the 400 to 1500 in a few weeks I need to add in some speed and some overdistance stamina - a bit like Gordon Ramsey adding some seasoning and winnet d'arse to his boring sausages. What better recipe than running the 100m, 200m and 3ooo at Watford tomorrow night? I'll give it a go and see at what point the body rebels and dumps me in the hospital ward...

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