Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Mighty Empire

The Great should have been dropped as a prefix to Britain years ago and I also wonder whether there is anything united about our Kingdom. I took a tour around HMS victory in Portsmouth docks today - it's the ship in which Lord Nelson died at the Battle of Trafalgar. It left me wondering what Nelson would be doing if he lived currently. No doubt sitting on his sofa in soiled underwear watching Eastenders and living off disability benefit awarded by virtue of having one arm. Churchill would be overdosing on pork scratchings and Speckled Hen at his local whilst recalling the glory days to his whippet Josef.

Being famed for my romantic side the tour of the ship allowed me to indulge my maritime fantasies - so instead of flowers and chocolates I ordered the missus around like a powder monkey for Valentines Day. Amusing at first but went rapidly downhill when I threatened flogging for being too slovenly running up the mainsail. I can be a really sad bastard sometimes - but a disciplined crew is a happy one!

I have every 4th week off as a cutback week in my schedule, although I hadn't planned to have 3 days off as I did this week. This was attributable to an unprecedented attack of the DOMS after introducing some 40m accelerations into my Tuesday session and a particularly gruesome mauling from the masseuse yesterday. She meant well (the bitch).

For those more technically minded the speed session alternates weekly between 4 * 100m fast relaxed, 6 * 40m accelerations and 1 * 200m @ 800m pace one week, and 8 * 150m @ 800m pace the next. Both sessions are proceeded by a 3m warm-up, drills and 2 laps of jog turn / stride straight.

Full week with no excuses next week - only 8 weeks of the base period to go before the fun really starts.

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