Sunday, 7 February 2010

Root Canal For Runners

This blog can't live on solely as a repository of puerile excretia gags and second hand Clarksonisms, so it's time to include some training content. Timing is everything and it's a bit like closing the stable door when the horse has bolted, but better late then never. Plus, a Guinness World record for most cliches in a sentence to boot.

If your eyes glaze over at the first sign of VO2 max on the horizon now's a good time pick up your new magazine and box the jesuit. This year's racing goal is to medal at the European Masters Track Championships at the 1500m in Hungary - I have to give the 800m a miss as a good friend believes his wedding should take precedence over my running!

To that end I've periodised my year as follows:

Base 1: 9 Weeks at average of 51 per week.
Primary Focus: Base Mileage & Aerobic Threshold.
Secondary Focus: Basic Speed & Stamina.
Comments: Building up mileage after break, some hill work and non-anaerobic 3k pace work.

Base 2: 9 Weeks at average of 64 per week.
Primary Focus: VO2 Max & Early Season Race Pace Work.
Secondary Focus: Basic Speed, Mileage & LT.
Comments: Increasing VO2 max.

Base 3: 9 Weeks at average of 67 per week.
Primary Focus: LT & Basic Speed.
Secondary Focus: VO2 max & Strength.
Comments: Mileage peaks, more intense basic speed (800m race pace, short accelerations).

Pre-Comp 1: 5 Weeks at average of 64 per week.
Primary Focus: Repetitions at race paces.
Secondary Focus: VO2 max & LT.
Comments: Fast, hard with complete recovery. LT and VO2 maintenance.

Pre-Comp 2: 5 Weeks at average of 60 per week.
Primary Focus: Race pace reps, lactic acid tolerance & all-out speed.
Secondary Focus: VO2 max & LT.
Comments: Fast & hard often with partial recovery. LT and VO2 maintenance.

Competition Period: 5+ weeks at average of 45 per week.
Primary Focus: Racing.
Secondary Focus: Recovery and race simulation workouts.

This week is the first of base 3 and the intention is that each phase builds on the previous and once a particular area of fitness has been maximised it goes into 'maintenance mode' while a new system is stressed. Let's hope it's well aimed as it's an awful lot of time to invest building a plane that doesn't fly.

For those if you who enjoy prolonged sessions in the dentist chair this thread gives you all the workouts week by week:

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