Saturday, 8 May 2010

Monty Python's Flying Track Meet

I assume it's part of local authority planning due diligence that prior to granting permission for the construction of a running track they must ensure it is in an exposed location that guarantees maximum wind. The sole exception I have encountered remains Watford track where I assume someone was greasing palms and rogering councillors when plans were submitted.

The Cambs County Champs took place today in miserable conditions - pissing rain, strong winds and low temperatures. Despite this I was looking forward to the 800m as it was stacked with 12 runners - many of whom were strong runners. Unfortunately, with many of the entrants life members of the Fair Weather Pussy Running Club, only 3 of us toed the line. One of whom (a U20m) was guaranteed his County title given he was the only runner in his category - he'll be dining off that one in his old age. As it transpired the other runner was quite happy to play windbreak and I sheepishly followed him round and took it up in the final straight after he was fucked from front running. To be perfectly frank I found the whole affair quite embarrassing - it's no wonder track is dead in this country. In the land of lepers the acne-faced man is king.

Due to the weather I decided to go home and have lunch followed by the obligatory nap. Unfortunately I overcooked the nap significantly and woke up nearly 2 hours later. As the meet (at noon) was already running typically late I was quite surprised to learn upon arrival that my race was starting in a couple of minutes giving me time for one stride as a warm-up and no time to change into my spikes. As it happens I got exactly what I deserved during the race and struggled all the way round.

A day to forget.

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