Friday, 21 May 2010

The Humiliation Starts Here

Ever since the Olympics was awarded to London I've been looking forward to them with an increasing sense of dread. If there was ever an international event that our nation, quango-ridden and riddled with interfering politicians and their petty fiefdoms that it is, was guaranteed to fuck up it is this.

Rather than hold out and elect for 'shock and awe' with a hugely embarrassing and pathetically British opening ceremony (complete with London buses doing handstands) they are going to drip-feed the excruciating rubbish gradually in an effort to soften the humiliation of the actual event itself. What other explanation can you offer for the Olympic mascots, Shithead and Wankstain:
You can't beat a committee for coming up with something that fails so miserably on so many levels. It makes you wonder at the conglomerate of fools that must have been gathered to create this pair of alien soft toy penises. Do they not realise that a rainbow is the universal sign of "batters for the other side"?

Anyway, I'm in a good mood remember? It's that time of season where days of perfect execution are interspersed with utterly miserable plods. Wednesday's 800m pace session was spot on - averaging 43.5 seconds for 5 * 300m w / 3:00 jog recovery. Followed, on Thursday, with an excruciating shuffle of 8 miles where I was reduced to 8:00+ minute miling by the end. Finally, having been forced to make way over a footbridge by a ranting geriatric (smelt of piss by the way) in her electric buggy, I gave up and walked home.

I have 4 * 600m @ 1500m pace on the menu tomorrow. It looks like a fine weekend for a beer as has been 2 months after all.

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