Friday, 14 May 2010

Positive Negativity

I've mentioned that any workout in a particular season has its place in an overall, progressive training stream. The consequence being that if you can't complete one satisfactorily it's often advisable to repeat it until you can do so. The drawback of this policy, particularly when training has also been interrupted with travel and injury, is that subsequent sessions get treated like an awkward topic before an election. Shunted off into the future.

I'd failed twice to complete a 1500m pace session of 6 * 400m in 65 seconds w / 65 seconds rest, previously having had to split the session up but still falling just short of the time target. So I'm delighted to report that, together with my spikes and a reasonable day, I kicked the session squarely in the nuts and training is on an upward trajectory again. I will even tempt fate by revealing there was a little to spare and that I'm ready for next week's session of 4 * 600m at the same pace.

My knees are a little like the British weather. Whenever you are tempted to frown in to the distance and declare an overall improvement it will respond by absolutely pissing it down. So it's with some scepticism I declare that my knees seem to be a little better recently. A trip to the physio yesterday confirmed this biomechanically with my sole remaining issue being left foot strength and left ankle lateral flexibility (which affects the strength). Enter pothole, stage left, in the near future probably.

I've had my entry to the European old fart Champs in Hungary, for the 800m and 1500m, confirmed by the British Masters Federation. As a condition of competition I must purchase my own kit for the event - glamorous this sport is not. At least when representing your country at tennis a free (but undeniably shite) tracksuit was forthcoming.

Overall this has been an uncharacteristically positive and upbeat post for which I apologise. I will endeavour to do better next time. Probably from a hospital bed or a ditch underneath a crushed car. In fact, recently I've had a recurring dream where my central heating system explodes while I'm upstairs. You heard it here first.


  1. Hello mate, just in case you read this comment i thought i'd say "keep it up" as you may not have heard those words of encouragement for a while. Although I suspect that as we get older they become more frequent!
    Seriously, muchos respectos fella.

  2. Thanks mate. I'll be dropping you an email in the next few days, sorry it's been so long.


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