Friday, 16 July 2010

Bathroom Wars - Hungary Day One

For 27 euros a night at a college campus (which includes a breakfast of soggy bread, runny yoghurt and, unless appearances are deceptive, boiled cocks) you get what you deserve. Something I'd have been perfectly happy with in my 20's when all I required was a level surface on which to sleep off my hangover. The room itself is acceptable - although the mattress is the width and thickness of a British Rail sandwhich and an engineer called Douglas is in the attic fashioning an escape glider out of wooden bed supports.

What is a little harder to come to terms with is sharing the shower with the adjacent room and having to walk down the corridor to take a crap. A situation worsened by the two slags next door who insist on locking the door on the inside when they go out. The solution was to break the lock and remove half the screws so it appears to be functioning. No doubt I'll get the greater shock if I break in when it's occupied - judging by the look of them I'd probably step on one of their nipples.

On an athletics front the venue is pretty good, but its baking hot. Apparently the in town temerature gauge - which is about as accurate as a treadmill calorie counter registered 37 C. My semi final is tomorrow.

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