Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Princess and The Bean

A visit to the physio today with the objective of getting to the root of one new ailment and addressing another issue which I've had since I was soiling nappies (for weeks now then).

The first, recent problem, is a Morton's neuroma which made a sudden appearance recently. A neuroma is a compressed nerve which, in runners, typically manifests itself in the foot between two metatarsals. The best analogy is that it feels like a hard pea embedded in your foot. I am showing some of the symptoms without having a fully blown case, suggesting there may be time to rescue the situation. The potential solution is not rocket science because a quick look at my training spikes shows the centrally placed spike in the exact spot of the neuroma:

Obvious now, but in my defence I've had these spikes for 10 years without prior problems. It would appear the lethal cocktail of old age and 3 track sessions a week was enough to push my foot over the edge. No doubt my fellow athletes will be delighted the spikes are now in the bin because they've smelt like an alcoholic tramp's ringpiece for quite a while now.

The second 'issue' is a sore hamstring and extremely poor flexibility leading to next to zero knee lift. I was finally persuaded to do something about it after seeing some distressing race footage which made me look like Mr. Bean overdosing on ephedrine when I ran. The tight hamstring got the full treatment - much like being on the surgeon's table without anaesthetic. The least he could have done was give me a bottle of rum and a leather strap to bite on.

Unfortunately I failed to give notice of this weekend's racing and the massage / beasting was so thorough that the hamstring feels as though it's on fire and I can hardly walk. The sensible course of action would be to pull out, but it's a little late for that so I will self-medicate instead.

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