Monday, 12 July 2010


So far this blog has resembled a cheap dog-eared porno that’s been passed around the classroom a few times. The odd colour picture amidst a sea of tedious verbage about Agatha, an airline pilot and a vaselined gerbil called Gerry - all aimed at padding the thing out. So it’s time to join the 21st Century of HD point of view with a veritable orgy of multimedia in support. Sort of anyway, here is a video of Saturday’s race from the BMC meet at Solihull:

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Not one of my best races and some validation for my concerns in the lead up. I ran okay, battled fairly well but didn't have much in my legs when push came to shove. Looking at my records I started the week at 11st 1.5 lbs, was 10st 9.5 lbs on race day and back to the original weight on monday morning. It would seem the combination of nervous energy, adrenaline and most probably dehydration during the week all contributed to things not quite being on.

Interestingly enough, I placed quite well (3rd) given the ability of the other athletes in the race as can be seen by the full result:

The time of 1:56.47 was disappointing, particularly as I went through halfway in 56.8 which was about spot on. It was a pretty rough race for me, as evidenced by the leg (complete with B movie blood splatter on the shoes):


  1. Ah, Gerry the gerbil. That takes me back.....................
    Nasty gash there, Moz ;-)

  2. Nasty gash takes me back to an old girlfriend!

  3. Thanks for posting the video...great to see you in action!


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