Tuesday, 5 May 2009

One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Back in January 2008 I introduced (or perhaps plagiarized) a concept that I coined Reverse Retirement. The basic premise questioned the accepted modus operandi - that we spend our prime years slaving behind a desk and then retire when we are too fat, old and decrepit to properly enjoy it. Surely it would be better to retire now and stick on a few extra, and admittedly, unpleasant years on at the end?

One of life's enduring tragedies is hearing of those who met their premature end on the way home from their retirement party - whether it be the postal worker from Norwich being knocked off his bike or the great conqueror returning from campaign accidentally impaling himself on a sharp carrot. With the reverse retirement you "cheat death" to a certain degree as all that is snatched from you are painful years at the office!

I suspect I'm not going to convince you of the wisdom of this here and I'm even more unlikely to endow you with sufficient ammunition to persuade the wife over your evening meal. Nevertheless, I am a man of my word and have spent the last year and a half playing tennis full time - finally achieving a world tennis ranking of 35 in the over 35's age group and this past weekend representing England. These exploits were recorded in all their gory, and sometimes depressingly mundane, detail at http://www.oldmanontour.blogspot.com/

I don't feel like jumping on the 07:45 to Kings Cross quite yet (or rather I don't feel ready to feel like jumping under it) so now turn my attention to a few running goals that have been festering in the recesses of my mind for a good few years. So, if you have an interest in running, training theory, racing, a bit of personal philosophy and the general abuse of fools read on. At the very least you may find that instead of wasting time at work on the toilet you might waste it reading this at your desk without the background smell of other peoples half flushed lunch in your nostrils.


  1. Curly Top, You really are a work shy twat, good on you!
    The Housemate formally known as Reavill

  2. I must admit I prefer to use the word discerning rather than work shy!

  3. At the outset of this new project, may I suggest some prince pog running shoes laced up at 52lbs the most comfortable & protective* equipment ever released on the running market rather than those stiff babolat ones you were considering.

    *Protects agaist annoying twats who might switch forums. seriously tho good luck mate. nickynu

  4. Anon - ha ha, very good, that gave me a chuckle!


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