Thursday, 17 June 2010

Blue Stickers in Budapest

At the very real risk of sounding like a really sad bastard I was secretly quite pleased to see our club's masters record board updated with my 400 and 800m times. Not sure if it's deliberate but the new records go up on garish blue stickers against the normal white background. So many things are now "hidden" on-line these days that it means a little bit more seeing it up in print.

It reminds me of the use of blue plasters for people in the catering trade. Through ignorance I once ate one amongst my chips. It was subsequently revealed that one of the dinner ladies suffered from chronic warts (fingers, not vagina....I hope), although I'm sure the two are unrelated.

The start lists for the European Championships have been released. Links as follows:

800m here.

1500m here.

I only ever had 2 concerns about the event - both relating to its legitimacy. The first concern would be a very weak field where the affair would be open to criticisms of being the fat old cripples championships. The second would be there being so few entrants that we'd end up with a 6 man final and no heats. As it happens there appears to be a decent field and the likelihood of semis in both. Granted it's not elite by open standards and nobody's under any illusions in that regard, but I think the entries are sufficient to ensure quality racing.

A quick glance at the seed times suggest that I may be in danger of a slight arse-kicking in the 1500m, but that I have a good chance of medalling in the 800m. The former is not altogether surprising (although by no means inevitable) but that only serves to harden my determination to do the business in the 800m.

I ordered my GB kit the other day, only 26 days before I fly out.

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