Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Final Week....

This season was organised into 3 distinct phases. A base period of 27 weeks, a pre-competition period of 10 weeks and a competition period of up to 10 weeks. The latter begins a week tomorrow and principally consists of racing, recovery and race practice workouts where there is a long gap between races. That means this week is the final week of hard training in the pre-competition period. Overall volume is between that of the base and competition periods but intensity is – particularly as I’m an old fucker at the point where managing stairs is uncomfortable and I’ve been kicked out of the St. Neots Morris Dancing team for failing their physical.

So, what better time to share the schedule – where the workouts are a bit more interesting and the training shows me in an admirable light. Without further ado:

M: a.m. 3m easy;

p.m. 9m inc. 2 * (1200 @5k pace, 800@ 3k pace, 400 @1500m pace w / 2:00 jog rec) and 400m easy || 1m @ tempo || 400m easy between sets;

eve. Lower body weights

T: 4m recovery;

p.m. core / alignment drills

W: a.m. 3m easy

p.m. 6.5m inc. Drills, strides, 3 * 300m @ 400m pace w / 6:00 rec; block start practice

eve. Lower + upper body weights

T: a.m. 12m easy

p.m. core


S: a.m. 3m easy

p.m. 7m inc drills, strides, 2 * (4 * 200m @800m pace w / 20 seconds standing rest); 8:00 between sets followed by 4 * 30m flyins. Upper body weights.

S: a.m. 4m recovery.

p.m. xt, core.

Let's hope everything holds up as it would be a shame to finally fall apart properly without even reaching the racing phase.

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